IWLyF parts three and four

Kon'nichiwa, tomodachi and anyeonghaseyo, chingus! It is I, Tory, back with IWLyF (I Will Love You Forever)! I hope you are enjoying the cringiness so far! Help yourself to some more! i-will-love-you-forever-part-3-rough-draft i-will-love-you-forever-part-4-rough-draft I hope you enjoy again and goodbye, sayonara, and anyeong! -Tory, Kawaii Hime, Lee Jung-Sook ❤

FtLoN parts twenty-three and twenty-four *FINALE*

So, here we are. The ending. I hope that you all enjoyed and look forward to the rewrite on fanfiction.net and the upcoming content here. After this, this blog will remain original only, besides the fanfiction already posted here. I hope that you will stay. Well, enough mushy talk. Here's the final parts. for-the-love-of-nephthys-part-23 for-the-love-of-nephthys-part-24 … Continue reading FtLoN parts twenty-three and twenty-four *FINALE*