YNL,DY Parts One and Two

Well, that took forever lol. Just so everyone knows (if anyone's even reading), this story is only six parts. BTW, if you do read, leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments! Here you go! Beep boop! Have fun! -Tory, Kawaii Hiime, Lee Jung-Sook ❤

IWLyF parts three and four

Kon'nichiwa, tomodachi and anyeonghaseyo, chingus! It is I, Tory, back with IWLyF (I Will Love You Forever)! I hope you are enjoying the cringiness so far! Help yourself to some more! i-will-love-you-forever-part-3-rough-draft i-will-love-you-forever-part-4-rough-draft I hope you enjoy again and goodbye, sayonara, and anyeong! -Tory, Kawaii Hime, Lee Jung-Sook ❤